Economic Futurist

Economic Futurist & 1st CMIO for US Government

War, labor supply, supply chain, inflation, govt. policy, elections, climate change, AEVs, Space? Andy covers all, helping audiences understand trends driving the future economy & growth opportunities.

His Future Growth Opportunities or FGO process dives deep into every client’s business and pulls out the future growth opportunities via money flows into sector.

Your ROI is seeing the future growth opportunities generated by super-charged trends, technological advances and policy changes.

Andy works with a wide range of clients including agriculture, chemicals, plastics, warehousing, financial services, energy, manufacturing and construction.

Andy is seen as a high value international media commentator and expert.

Below is his latest interview on what to expect and where to invest in 2023 and beyond!

Let’s talk now to make sure your group is moving from chaos today to confidence in the future!

Andy was fantastic. We had many, many members come up and say he was the best keynote speaker we’ve booked. 
He’s funny, upbeat and took time to spend time with our members.
We were inspired by his positive look into the future for the economy and opportunities. 
Beth Mills, Western Bankers
It was great to have Andy provide the keynote address at our economic outlook conference. We got so much great feedback that everyone loved his insights and his presentation! He tailored it specifically for us and showed the future AZ growth opportunities. We’d love to have him come back!
Alex Rounds (McAlister), Event Director, Phoenix Business Journal

Andy Busch mesmerised our attendees! This is the 3rd time we’ve had him come back. He gave us tools to grow our members business. The case study was incredibly helpful to understand our future opportunities.

Lauren Lakin, CEO Executive Productions, Chicago Office Leasing Broker Association

Andy was fantastic for our members as he provided key insights into the new policy direction from the Biden administration and the great opportunities coming in the future for financial services. He greatly enhanced our virtual meeting and we look forward to having him back soon.

Dale Brown, President and CEO, Financial Services Institute

As our keynote speaker, Andrew hit a home run with our conference attendees by providing hope and future growth opportunities during challenging times. He was insightful and thought provoking, plus did a great job in addressing the key geopolitical issues faced by the agriculture sector. We’d love to have him back.
Peter Rudeen, VP Business Development, Agribank

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About Andrew Busch

Andy’s unconventional path to finance, politics and the economy has taught him that the big picture is filled in by small details and requires unconventional thinking to see them. He was number six out of seven kids that taught him to scrap, shout and fight for the last piece of food at dinner. He brought this determination to his career and to his insights into the world. Before he went into finance, he painted street curbs, he mowed lawns, he worked construction, and he ran his own painting company. In finance, he traded currencies and wrote research on the markets during the 1985 Plaza Accord; the 1998 Russian default; and to the 2008 global financial crisis. He’s advised major mutual funds, hedge funds, US Treasury Secretaries and the White House. In 2017, he became the nation’s first Chief Market Intelligence Officer at the CFTC, advising the SEC, the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Reserve of New York and the White House.

More about Andy >

Andy energizes and informs his audiences

He delivered a high energy and engaging session to our large virtual audience. Andrew adapted to the technology, ensured our branding was strategically placed, and delivered compelling visuals. Our clients were actively engaged, and we ran out of time for all the questions they wanted to ask. His message of “prepare now for the opportunities ahead” was the message of optimism we needed for our attendees.

Stephanie Niswander, CMP
Event Project Manager Pacific Life

It was just what we were looking for – an engaging, interesting, and informative presentation to engage our virtual audience. Andrew keeps the presentation moving, uses effective visuals, and provides thoughtful analysis throughout. He’s an outstanding presenter in a virtual environment, and I know he would be more amazing in person. He used the technology to its full-effect with audience engagement, an event-specific background, and effective visuals. As a meeting planner, he was easy to work with and a consummate professional. I highly recommend Andrew for your next event!

Darcy Burnett
Sr. Education Coordinator
Iowa Bankers Association
Andy’s powerful and entertaining talk resonated with our audience.  And they asked questions until time ran out.  Today, it’s tough to find an objective voice when it comes to the economy and politics, but he’s the one speaker we’d trust to cover these topics anytime.
Peter Magnuson
Board of Directors
ADISA (Alternative and Direct Investment Securities Association)

I highly recommend Andrew Busch if you want unique, principled, thought-provoking insights into the chaos that exists at the nexus of business, politics, and world events.

Michael House
Commercial Finance Director

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